About Brandbuilder
For over 16 years, Akia’s communication, marketing and branding experience has brought to fruition Brandbuilder.  She has provided a two pronged approach to help executive level managers of organizations connect their vision and mission to their company brand. Every Brandbuilder solution is customized to support the client’s business size and ability to pursue brand-building initiatives. For more information about Brandbuilder, visit http://www.masteryourbrand.com.
To connect with Akia Garnett, CEO, Brandbuilder Communication Services for media interviews contact her at 202.487.3892 or email A.T@MasterYourBrand.com

About MasterYourBrand
She’s CEO for Brandbuilder, and host for #MYBrandChat (formerly #MasterYourBrandChat). Akia has more than 16 years of communication, marketing and branding experience. She is a columnist for Minority Business Enterprise magazine, and she is an adjunct professor for undergraduate and graduate level courses in marketing, consumer behavior and business.

Akia is a speaker and CoAuthor of Seen and Sustained for Small and Diverse Businesses, and creator of Vision and Mission Mapping. She builds corporate and personal brands for visionaries. Akia leads team and one on one sessions, which help entrepreneurs conceptualize, communicate and brand their gifts and talents.

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