A magical creature has come to stay! The unicorn, Brandi, from Brandicorn is here to help companies and entrepreneurs become unicorns as itself!

Here’s How We Can Help You:

Branding Starter Package – UniColt

We help you name and define your brand from the get go! Why is this important? Because today especially, everything is about your name.  With the global community of marketers online, you need a name that is 1) not already taken across social platforms, 2) good for SEO 3) has legs! (What does that mean?)   Your name needs to be easy to spell online, have a brandable icon, and sound authentic.

We test the data for you, vet your name ideas, and give you initial market research data on the name.  Then, we create a brand logo for you.

Next, we set up your social media accounts.  And you are ready to roll! (We suggest that you get a web site designed asap, but companies have different budgets for that.  See our web plans if you would like this service too.)

Includes: Name strategy, brand logo, and set-up 6 social media accounts.

Branding Boost Package – UniPhilly (Most popular)

You get all of the above services, plus an extra boost of branding magic.  Plus coding of a 5 page WordPress web site, and a 6 month brand strategy and content timeline.  Our team of rainbow branding experts will set all this up for you, and then give you a timeline of what to post over the next six months.  As a bonus, you get tips from our expert branding consultant on how to boost your online presence to gain traction as your business blooms!

Includes: Name strategy, brand logo, set-up 6 social media accounts, coding of 5 page WP site, and six month written branding strategy.

Branding Complete Package – UniStallion

We got your covered!  This branding package will take you through your first 6 months of start-up, and you can add-on monthly services as you go after that.  This is the true unicorn magic! You get all of the services included in the UniPhilly Boost Package, plus six months of content creation which includes a weekly blog post based on your brand strategy, a 2 times per week social media posting catered to holidays or your promotional ideas, and brand consulting meetings, monthly online.  If you understand inbound marketing, SEO, and lead conversions, you already know how important these posts are to your brand.  This is the best package for those who do not have time to blog, and create content, but want to start strong and quickly with their brand.

Includes: Name strategy, brand logo, set-up 6 social media accounts, coding of 5 page WP site, six month written branding strategy, content creation for 2 weekly social media posts (on up to 6 platforms) and 1 weekly blog post for six months.  

Youtube Studio – Brand Videos

Do you need a brand video? YES! Every brand does. We have some great options for you.  Rent out Brandicorn’s Youtube studio to create your own awesome video (we will be there to help you) for $50 per hour.  Or, let us create a custom video for you – prices vary depending on your needs.

WordPress Web Site Creation

5 page coded site – (Give us your logo or we can great one for an additional fee; we’ll let you know totals before we start.)

Blog posts with graphic and keyword strategy

Personal Branding

Personal branding is especially important for lawyers, entertainers, executives, even bartenders.  You need to have a presence and style that sets you apart, and is still authentically you.  Let our personal brand stylists help you make a magic entrance next time you walk into a room.  Getting noticed is part of your marketing and branding strategy, we can help you!

Social Media Marketing and Online Advertising

We provide internet marketing services on a monthly basis for service fee of $500, plus your budget.  For example, if you marketing budget is $2000 per month, your total marketing for the month will cost $2500.  This is like having a marketing department for your brand.  We will help you create an online budget for Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Promoted content through social media.  Then we will actively create content and monitor your ads for you.  You will receive a monthly report of web traffic and conversions.  Our team will help you determine the ROI of your marketing strategy, so you always know what works, and if it’s worth it. (We know it is!)

Did We Forget Something?

Just contact us, and we will be happy to talk to you about any custom ways we can bring Brandicorn’s magic to your brand.  We love helping you with your dreams! No business is too small, no budget is too small – we can help!