Brandon Medical manufacture a range of products of their own design. These include operating theatre lamps, mobile operating lamps, minor surgical / examination lamps, surgeons control panels and emergency power systems. The products are supplied to N.H.S. Trusts and private hospitals in Britain and over 60% of output is exported to the Middle-East, Africa, South East Asia, Scandinavia, India, Australasia, Eastern Europe, South America and the European Union Countries.

The Company is long established and has operated from our central Leeds location for over 50 years.

Brandon are the only British manufacturer of operating theatre lamps and have a strong reputation for innovation and design. Brandon's Galaxy range of lamps were developed specifically for Ultra Clean, Laminar Flow Operating Theatres where purified air is blown down onto the patient during surgery. Large, bulky, conventional operating lamps interfere with the flow of purified air. Brandon solved this problem by developing the Galaxy lamps which feature a novel space frame design and are world leaders in aerodynamic efficiency for this application. The Company have recently won 2 national awards from the British Government (Department of Trade and Industry) for its research and design work into optical systems for Surgical Lamps. Further awards have been won from Local Government for photometric filter design and from the Department of Health to develop innovative surgical lighting systems for the 21st Century. Brandon also sit on the international standards committee for operating theatre lamps on behalf of British Standards Institute.

In addition to catalogue products, Brandon will make customized products to customer specification. Brandon carry our installation and commissioning work in hospitals and offer servicing on all types of operating lamps. The company also distributes spares and consumables for operating theatre luminaries and are working to expand this side of the business. The Company design and manufacture a number of bespoke products for other medical equipment companies.

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Registered in England & Wales Registration Number 2827189