Dr. Braverman has utilized his years of experience as a medical practitioner and focus on the area of infertility to devise medical methods for women troubled by pregnancies that ended in multiple miscarriages.  The clinic can provide information on the causes of miscarriages whether non-immune such as genetic abnormalities, uterine abnormalities, sperm male factor, toxins, emotional & physical stress or other known causes.  Immunologic causes can include immune complications away from the site of the embryo implantation, progesterone and beta HCG function, T regulator cells, and other related causes.  Some treatments the clinic uses involve blighted ovum treatments, chemical pregnancy treatment, certain injections and other proven treatments.  Braverman Reproductive Immunology has helped numerous women become pregnant after nearly giving up hope of ever having children.  The doctor and staff are confident they can help and are ready to answer any questions regarding the specific medical treatments, which are always under doctor supervision.