Sandy Isaacs, Owner/CEO of Break Away Moments is now passionate about coordinating and hosting a variety of themed specialty Expo and Conference style events which uniquely reflect her Jamaican/Caribbean background.  Tastefully incorporating and portraying the Caribbean and its culture at Break Away Moments events is something that she does well and with much enthusiasm and enjoyment. With the onset of her first event themed 'Wine, Cheese & Reggae, Please!' came an influx of ideas to propel the interest of sharing her Caribbean among a diversity of audience in a quality manner with a particular style and flair while maintaining an atmosphere of fun, festivity and warmth of spirit captured as the essence of each event.

As previous host of 'Break Away Moments Ultimate Radio Travel Experience Show' and also 'Your Break Away Moments' radio showcase segment which aired in Orlando, Fl. every Sat. morning on WOKB 1680AM as part of the Caribbean Saturday programming line-up, Sandy Isaacs has emphatically demonstrated her interest in promoting and propeling Caribbean tourism interest with enticing folks to visit the region, especially that of her beloved Jamaica, Sandy was able to share about her homeland and the Caribbean as a whole, to a captive audience weekly. Established as 'the show with a uniquely fresh difference' she excitedly shared her vision via the airwaves from week to week for over 3 years with sounds of the Caribbean alongside a wealth of terrific guest appearances who were part of her show. Additionally, Sandy held a weekly presence on radio in Atlanta, Georgia where she hosted a segment promoting Break Away Moments happenings, updates and cohosted special guest appearances.

Folks can feel the warmth of the islands, the culture and the wonderful element of the Caribbean people as portrayed in each Break Away Moments event, by listening to the Break Away Moments podcasts, as reflected in the 'Forever Paradise' fashion design line conducive for vacation, resort and cruisewear and via 'Break Away Moments Caribbean Destinations' travel focused magazine for which she is Editor-in-Chief.  In every aspect of her business, Caribbean travel, tourism and the region's culture is a highly promoted emphasis. Break Away Moments is not only highly reflective of the uniqueness of the business and personal style which Sandy avidly strives to incorporate as a tone for Break Away Moments but also, shares the underlying message as to what she feels is important to her business strategy and development. Personalization is a key component in the day-to-day workings of her company and its foundation.

Sandy Isaacs' goal is to continue to develop Break Away Moments and uplift others affiliated with the organization and its endeavors to the best of her ability. She believes that the possibilities are 'truly endless' and desires to reach maximum potential with such, by further growth and development of her creative ideas. Hard work, a sense of integrity, caring, perseverance and lots of prayers, go hand-in-hand with her overall business effort and strategy. Creativity and uniqueness of ideas with a persistent sharing of the positive aspects of the Caribbean region and its people via Break Away Moments, along with keeping the right focus, is paramount to her success. Giving projects 150% or more is also important in her commitments while the 'Entrepreneurial Spirit' that drives her keeps on growing daily.

Break Away Moments...Themed Specialty Events With A Unique Difference!