Brian Stevenson initially worked as a Management Consultant where he delivered significant financial results in a variety of companies throughout Europe. He specialised in working in credit control and credit management and getting the best results possible from the people and procedures in all the companies he worked with.  He is well-versed with the various approaches these companies employ to exert stress on customers.

Whilst well-versed in business and consumer credit knowledge, he decided to develop his motivation, empowerment and results achieving skills by researching and studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP and Hypnosis.  He also worked with other key players in the personal development field to develop Thought Re-Mapping; a fast way of overcoming the limitations we set up in our minds.

After qualifying in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis in the mid '90's he has since then regularly worked with clients to help them achieve personal change and has written and published works on hypnotherapy and trained students in the skills of hypnosis.

Ever the champion of 'the little guy' he has successfully worked with people to help them overcome many barriers to success and has from this developed his Wealth Coaching, Debt Destruction and Success Coaching Practise.

He finds that so many people are unable to fight the faceless bureaucracy or the big brother mentality that exists in financial companies today.

He has written upon and taught about the shameful fees that many investment and self-development gurus charge and has developed quality affordable training from which everyone can benefit.

He holds regular events, both in London & throughout the home counties, which include workshops and seminars on creating wealth, reducing or eliminating debt and increasing success.

By using an informal part-teaching, part-discussion method he finds that it's possible to bring out the best in all attendees and to ensure that everyone develops new skills that they can take away and use. This methodology often reveals how many people have the same goals and desires, fears and insecurities.