I’m a devoted husband, proud father of two sons and an entrepreneur. My wife is a teacher and our sons are full time student athletes.

I’m a Pennsylvania native…I grew up in California and I’m currently living in Northern Nevada where Colleen and I are raising our sons.

My passion is snow skiing, and I’m fortunate to live in the middle of some of the best ski country in the world.

My sons and I enjoy nearby skiing at Lake Tahoe whenever we get a chance…in the summer; we turn our attention to golfing and fishing. We are truly blessed to live in an outdoor paradise surrounded by all this natural beauty.

All of us are huge basketball fans…our favorite teams are the UCLA Bruins, and the Los Angeles Lakers…my wife and I are very involved in our community’s youth basketball program as volunteer coaches, and have had the privilege of coaching our boys, and their friends… “It’s been a lot of fun throughout the years.”  

After graduating from high school… I served four years in the Marine Corps. “It was a great experience that taught me many valuable life skills.”
When I returned home I landed a good job with a “good company”…and began my professional career in sales.

I was shocked when I found out that my job after fifteen years with the same company was over because of a merger acquisition that left me unemployed for the first time in my life.

I was devastated that it could disappear in the blink of an eye…I eventually got back on my feet but I had lost all confidence in what I believed in.

If you’re like me you’ll understand how difficult it can be when you realize that there is no such thing as job security or loyalty in Corporate America.

This was a real gut check for my wife Colleen and I. We were newly married with our newborn son Kyle at the time and this life changing experience really rocked our world.  

At this point I realized that this was my opportunity to put all my business and sales experience to good use and fulfill my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and owning my own business.

I have always been fascinated with the internet but didn’t really understand how to use the technology to make money online until I discovered Jay Kubassek’s Carbon Copy Pro the most “POWERFUL MARKETING SYSTEM” on the planet.

I was very fortunate to find Jay and Aaron the creators of this system and founding members of a mastermind group of successful entrepreneurs that are giving back to the community in a huge way.

They are teaching average people like me, with average skills from all walks of life how to harness the power of online marketing, enabling us to achieve phenomenal success and living a life style that is exceeding people’s wildest imagination.

After searching the internet extensively for months, you could say this company found me or it was divine providence guiding me, either way I am truly grateful because what I accidentally stumbled upon is a business model that allowed me to keep my current job while learning how to build a home based business.

The only catch for me was that it was more about marketing, advertising and promotion, which was not my strength. But the good news is that they were willing to teach me the marketing skills I needed to build my business properly.

So I became a member and began the training process a little over twelve months ago and now I am positioned to leave my 9 to 5 corporate job this year and instead of commuting down the highway I will be commuting down the hallway.

With this fantastic training program I was able to learn at my own pace using their tremendous back office resources including live training calls, marketing study lessons, 24/7 community forum and a mastermind group that helped me develop and implement my own marketing campaigns.

The great benefit about learning these new marketing skills is that you do not have to chase people pitching your opportunity. Instead people pursue me to join my business because the system does all of the selling, telling and convincing for me 24/7 even while I’m sleeping.

For me the best thing about this kind of business is that it’s very portable and my business is only a laptop or cell phone away from my fingertips. “What a concept” making money from where ever you are.

If you are willing to dedicate time to educating yourself, learn new skills, be patient and apply what this mastermind group of successful entrepreneurs teaches about online marketing daily, you will explode your business way beyond your wildest expectations.
I want to enlighten as many people as I can.

This discovery has changed my family’s life and me significantly. I'm looking forward to sharing this valuable information with anyone thinking about starting his or her own home based business.