Homeschool Programs

Welcome, homeschoolers to our list of home school programs.  Our programs for home school families were developed by certified teachers, experienced homeschoolers, and homeschool graduates and are designed for flexibility and individualization.  In addition, our homeschool advisors are always just a phone call or e-mail away.

Kindergarten 8th
The decisions you make about your child’s primary education are critical. We act as a magnifying glass for a child’s natural enthusiasm ensuring your child excels academically and learns to love to learn. Elementary-K8 program

Homeschool High School
Each course is designed to be self-teaching in a clear step-by-step process. Online and CD-ROM courses provide interaction, practice and more in-depth study. And with our robust support policy, parents don t have to be the experts. High School Programs

Online High School
NEW 100% Online Home School Program for High School Grades 9-12 and advanced 8th grade provides an interactive online high school program with more accountability and teacher interaction!

Christian Education
For parents whose passion is to instill a strong sense of faith and Biblical values, we offer a Bible-based curriculum that blends Biblical truths with high-quality core learning in math, language, reading, history and science. In fact, all of our courses are rich with values and character-building principles. Homeschool Programs for Christian families

Student Athletes and Performers
We have proven success helping homeschool parents balance the rigors of their child’s professional career including practice, competitions, auditions and rehearsals with the importance of academic achievement. And our NCAA status makes it possible for athletes to pursue athletic scholarships at the college or university of their choice.

Learning Disabilities
We work with the Essential Learning Institute to provide parents with an individualized, caring, proven approach to learning disabilities enabling your child to become an enthusiastic and successful student. Information on our home school

Military Families
Your child can have a quality, stable education no matter where in the world you’re living. We empower you to create flexible academic goals so your child can learn at the best time and pace given the realities of military life. In addition, we are a tier two military school, making it easy for students to transition into post-high school military academies or directly into the armed forces. Homeschooling programs for military families

College Now! Dual Enrollment
Our dual enrollment programs give students a head-start on college. Your child can earn both high school and college credits through these online distance learning courses all for the same low price! Get more information about Dual Enrollment

Adult High School Diploma
We can help you earn an actual high school diploma not just a GED. Why is this important? Employers are five times more likely to hire and/or promote a person with a high school diploma over someone without. Find out more

International Homeschool
Whether you are located in Canada, living in Dubai, or stationed in Australia, we are ready to help. If you have access to the Internet, you have the freedom to select Bridgeway’s online education option; if you can receive mail, you are ready to take advantage of our textbook correspondence program. International home school programs

Commitment to Excellence
For the past 20 years, Bridgeway Homeschool Academy has helped more than 20,000 K-12 parents and students at all levels of academic ability. Our high level of support puts families first, allowing you to reap the benefits of a home-based education and enjoy the rewards of time well spent with your children.