What We Do

Bright Computing makes software for managing groups of computer servers and associated equipment. Examples include:

   * Clusters for High Performance Computing (HPC)
   * Private, hybrid and public clouds
   * Grids of HPC clusters
   * Data centers

Bright Computing markets and sells its software together with reseller partners across the world. Bright Computing also provides services such as support, training & certification, and consultancy.

Our Products

Bright Computing's flagship product is Bright Cluster Manager — the most advanced and user-friendly software available for installing, monitoring, managing and using clusters.

Bright Cloud Manager™ is Bright Computing's solution for installing, monitoring, managing and using private, public and hybrid clouds. Bright Cloud Manager is currently under development.

Our Services

Service is at the heart of the Bright Computing ecosystem. Our philosophy is to ensure that you not only get the best cluster management software on the market, but also receive appropriate support and training in the design, installation and usage of your cluster.

Who We Are

Bright Computing is an independent spin out from Europe's most successful HPC cluster company, ClusterVision. Bright Computing's founders and management team have many years of experience in the HPC and data center industries.

Where We Are

The head office of Bright Computing is in San Jose, California, USA — in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Our Partners

In order to provide you with the best possible software and services — at the best possible value — Bright Computing partners with a number of carefully chosen companies.

Our Customers

Bright Computing customers can be found all over the world in all professional sectors — academia, government and industry. Bright Cluster Manager has been installed on hundreds of clusters across the world. All our customers share a need to use, manage and own clusters for maximum productivity.