Brightstorm is revolutionizing the way people learn. We believe that great learning begins with great teaching so we recruit the best teachers in the world, film them teaching, and distribute those videos over the Internet. Around that great teaching, we build a great user experience that allows each learner to find what they need, just in time.

Brightstorm focuses on the high school age, where GPAs and college entrance exam scores create significant consumer demand for great learning.  Our solutions fall into two categories:  Test Prep and Academic Help.  Our Test Prep solutions (SAT, ACT and AP) provide users with comprehensive programs that include great teacher videos, downloadable materials, diagnostic tests, full-length practice exams, flashcards and personalized study programs.  Our Academic Help, Brightstorm Math and Science, provides over 2,500 short videos covering every topic from Algebra through Calculus, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

Brightstorm is based in San Francisco, and backed by Silicon Valley venture capital.  Come join the hundreds of thousands of Brightstorm users who are learning in an exciting new way!