I am the Press officer for The British Pike Squad and would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and the BPS with regards to Information that may be of interest to your readership.

History of the BPS

 The British Pike Squad came about after the newly formed Irish Federation of Pike Anglers (IFPAC) contacted the then PACGB President (Neville Fickling) regarding an annual competition between the two nation’s. Neville not being into the idea himself, handed it all over to two brothers (Chris & Dave Tingley) who took up the challenge and set about forming the British Pike Squad. That first International in 1992 was held at Mullingar in Ireland, with the following year to be held on British soil.
Since then the International has grown and become one of the highlights of the start of the traditional pike angling season. With anglers from both sides of the Irish Sea eagerly looking forward to the beginning of October and that long weekend of intense competition, non-stop good natured humour and un-believable camaraderie that has grown between the two nations; and that has to be experienced to be believed.

The International is based around two days of one-rod roving matches, using the minimum of tackle and employing a wide variety of skills; leaving luck to play a lesser part - and demanding more in the way of watercraft and each competitor’s knowledge and motivation to search as much water as possible in pursuit of their prey.

Present Day

This October will be our 20th International Pike competition between Great Britain and Ireland and we will be fishing the Fen-land waters around Peterborough.

This September over the weekend of the 11th and 12th will be our annual Team Selection Final for 2012 and will be fished on the Lincolnshire fens.

More information can be sourced below

Our website is www.britishpikesquad.com

Our e-mag which outlines this years International and current BPS news can be found at  http://www.britishpikesquad.com/page47.html

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Peter Timmis

Press officer

British Pike Squad