Has this happened to you?

Every week you manage the performance reports for your office. There’s a lot of manual work and tedious data entry to be done, not to mention making sure everything adds up. You have to wrangle these reports with a lot of missing or inaccurate data and it feels like no one can give you a straight answer on the things your brokerage needs in order to grow and improve -- things like who closed the most sales this month or how many listings are currently pending. When you’ve got dozens upon dozens of agents to manage, the situation can get out of control quickly, leading to human errors, inaccurate data and broken reports.

Or what about this common franchise issue?

When dealing with franchises, it’s not uncommon to have to send monthly reports to the head corporate office detailing your franchise’s specific performance. But because every franchise seems to have their own preferred method of doing things, the data get skewed and reports are rife with errors. There’s no centralized way to manage any of it, and the situation is growing more and more complicated and expensive to fix.

These are just a few of the all-too-common scenarios that brokerages deal with before they switch to Brokermint. Fortunately, our new Analytics and Reporting feature will make creating and filing reports easy and seamless.

Here are just a few of the many reports you can create:
See All Agent Performance Data and Goal Progress in Seconds
The innovative Agent Report feature not only shows you who your top performers are, but their progress toward any given team or agency-wide goal for the time period you specify. Easily track external resources as well, including yard signs and lockboxes - all from a centralized location.

Of course, the agents can only do so much on their own and must have a brokerage that supports them, so through Brokermint’s reporting feature, you can also see the overall brokerage performance, number of listings, closings, pending sales and much more. This report is ideal for franchise owners who must report their performance to the main corporate office, and allows for report data to be streamlined in a way that’s both efficient and easy to understand.

View Filings and Commission Disbursement Details Quickly and Easily
Brokermint’s Analytics and Reporting feature also makes filing commission disbursement forms and other reports less of a headache. See what reports have been filed and when, as well as easily track and edit commission structures without the hassle of managing countless spreadsheets or other cumbersome systems.

But we didn’t stop there.  Many real estate back office management software suites allow you to generate reports based on pre-set criteria, such as agent performance or pending sales. But only Brokermint lets you easily create your own reports.

Now You Can Easily Create Your Own Reports Based on the Metrics that Matter Most to You - A Feature that’s Found Exclusively through Brokermint

With traditional, old-fashioned systems, if you wanted to generate a custom report, you’d have to go to your current provider, pay an extra (often-expensive) fee and wait several weeks to see the results of your custom report query.

With Brokermint, the process takes only a few seconds. Now you can build your own report across one of three base structures:

Transactions or

From there, you can pick, choose and filter using the columns and criteria that matter to you and immediately generate a visual report of all of those details in a way that’s easy to read and understand.

And these are just a few of the many features we’ve integrated into our new Analytics and Reporting section of Brokermint. Because we want every brokerage to enjoy greater ease of use in reporting, this suite of features is currently free to all Brokermint users, regardless of your subscription plan.

Try it out today and discover how much easier back office management can be with all the tools and data you need to create relevant, up-to-date reports.