Little Soldier Ice Cream is a GOURMET delight.  This specialty ice cream has a smooth and delightful goodness that leaves you craving for more of its undeniable great taste. ONE taste and you are hooked. TRY IT!  Your taste buds are treated to some of the best tasting ice creams this side of heaven. You are out of the loop if you are not eating Little Soldier Ice Cream. All six of its unforgettable flavors are made to perfection, Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Pistachio, Chocolate Chip and Butter Pecan.    

    The Little Soldier Ice Cream manufacturing facility has been in business since the 1980’s, using the best of creams to make this homemade delicious wonder. Little Soldier Ice Cream rivals all other Ice Creams. Adults crave it and Kids just LOVE IT!; which is why it’s “The Adult Ice Cream That Kids Love.”

    Little Soldier Ice Cream Company was purchased by the founder of God’s Little Soldier International , the son of the late James Render I, a successful business entrepreneur, who made his first million  in the ‘70s out of what James Render II calls, “Prayer and Hard work.”

    Render II says the name is appropriate for the boys. “They serve as the ultimate spokesmen for the product.” Not only that, the organization would benefit through the sell of the product, keeping with its mission to give Godly exposure to boys beyond their urban settings.

 Little Soldier Ice Cream Company is moving up and getting better, tasting better, day by day. FANTASTIC is its name.