Brown Equity Properties uses a collective effort to rebuild and rejuvenate African American communities.  We aim to promote the economic growth and stability of those residing within and around these communities.  We will use invested funds to purchase and renovate properties primarily within Opportunity Zones in the Houston area.  

Our Core Values are:

1)     Impact investment benefiting Communities of Color
2)     Wealth creation and preservation within Communities of Color
3)     Financial education

We aim to reach each of these goals in several ways.  This includes but is not limited to:

•     Renovating damaged and/or neglected properties within African America communities
•     Offer right of first refusal to purchase these properties to Investors in the Fund
•     Set aside funds for a ‘Down Payment Assistance Fund’ for Investors in the Fund
•     Promote program offering closing cost assistance for qualified buyers
•     Provide significant opportunities for contractors of color
•     Encourage residents from within the community to purchase our renovated properties
•     Offer financial education workshops within the Community

To learn more please visit www.brownequityproperties.com.