Brown & Seeyle Attorneys at Law are a bankruptcy law firm that offers affordable legal services to individuals and families who need help in filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Although you can file without legal help, any errors or failures to in providing the correct information can lead to serious problems under the revised bankruptcy code.  Failures to correctly file paperwork can lead to having a bankruptcy petition denied, or even legal problems if the actual financial situation is not completely and fully documented. The firm offers an affordable price of $500 for an individual and $650 for a joint filing. There are many advantages to bankruptcy, including finally ending the creditor calls, letters and legal threats. Chapter 7 allows individuals to discharge most of their consumer debt and get a fresh start. Chapter 13 gives them 3-5 years to pay off overdue obligations and allows them to avoid losing their property or other assets.

You can get more information about Brown & Seeyle Attorneys at Law by viewing their new sites at http://www.tacomabankruptcylaw.com.