Writer and publisher of the Skidian Chronicles series of scif fi novels. Bruce Harwood is the unwitting hero of the series.

The Colonists is Mr. Fenwick’s fourth novel and continues the story of Skid, the most sophisticated planet in the known universe. Skid is slowly recovering from a spectacular population collapse after its leaders ignored signs of a disintegrating environment, believing they would be immune from its impact.
In the long-awaited sequel to The Lifeboat, the MFY program, managed from a farmhouse in rural New Zealand is sending astronauts on a one-way trip to Mars funded by a reality television show documenting their every move.
The few people who question how an organisation producing a reality television program can develop the capability to send people into space and develop a settlement in the harsh Martian environment, find themselves transported to the other side of the galaxy to a very different world.
Ultimately, the MFY program is a front for a project initiated by the Transcendents who inhabit a galactic version of the cloud to supply human bodies to meet their species continuity requirements and re-populate Skid.  But, sometimes the Transcendents decide to cut their own track which threatens to derail the entire project.