It pays off to come to Budapest for minimal treatments as well which means you do not have to get all of your teeth treated it is enough to get treatments to a few teeth such as implants, crowns etc. You do not have to spend all your savings on your dental treatment in your own country because it is now possible to save 70% of dental costs in Hungary with the highest quality treatment possible. To get started ask for a quote, harmonize with the clinic, ask every questions that you find relevant, contact former patients and then get ready for treatment. Everything goes without any pain, you will not suffer. All treatments are carried out so gently that a couple of our patients even fell asleep during treatments! Please, note that it is possible to be reimbursed by Social Security (for example in France) and you can claim for tax relief (for example in Ireland). As Hungary part of the EU paper work can be easily arranged. In short, you can get your smile back again in Hungary with Budapest Top Dental at a very low cost.