Budapest Dental Trips are here to help patients navigate the world of dental tourism: to find the best form of treatment for their specific needs (whether that's implants, veneers, bridges, crowns or dentures), to alleviate the stress of travelling to a foreign country, and to help them realize incredible savings while they do it.
Dental treatment can be stressful, even when it’s at a local clinic. The thought of treatment in an unfamiliar and foreign city can be even more daunting.

At Budapest Dental Trips, we understand that patients seeking treatment abroad have unique concerns. We also recognize that a great dental experience doesn’t begin and end in the dentist’s chair.

Our mission is to manage our patients concerns, alleviate their worries and make the experience as smooth and pleasant as possible…. whatever the concern, whatever the requirement, we are here from beginning to end to help in all aspects of the experience, from choosing the right dentist at the right price, to helping arrange travel, accommodation and tours within the patient’s budget and time constraints.

Our Patient’s expectations may be great, but so is our ability to meet them. We don’t recommend run-of- the- mill dentists, we don’t promote clinics that we haven’t vetted, and we don’t treat our patients like just another number.

We are specialists in the dental industry; we “talk” dentistry: we know the questions to ask, the materials to use, the technology to rely on. All of the dentists we work with have been background checked and met in person. The clinics, too, have been scrutinized; from the general condition of the clinic, to the equipment used, to the sterilization procedures followed, to the training courses taken, to the fluency of English spoken.

It’s simple: We know what needs to be done. We do it. We do it well.