Bugless Bowls makes an innovative new type of pet food bowl that offers a unique solution to prevent ants from getting into the pet's food.  Bugless Bowls will keep ants out of both wet and dry dog or cat food.  They have a built-in "water moat" around the edge of the bowl---if water is kept in the moat at all times, the ants cannot get across to the food.

What makes Bugless Bowls stand out from other “anti-ant” products?

The bowl and moat are of one mold.
There is no assembly required.
Bugless Bowls have anti-skid feet to prevent your pet from pushing the bowl around.
Bugless Bowls are made of a durable plastic that will last for years.
Bugless Bowls are dishwasher safe when placed on the top rack away from direct heat.
Bugless Bowls are offered in two sizes at this time:  4” blue, and 7” red..  
Bugless Bowls are environmentally friendly - insect sprays or pesticides are eliminated.
Bugless Bowls are lightweight, durable, and great for traveling with pets.
Bugless Bowls offers are manufactured in the USA and are 100% guaranteed.