SABS approved- Non-Toxic.
4in1 Patented formula.
1) Multipurpose Cleaner.
2) Disinfectant.
3) Insect repellant.
4) Freshener.
Safe for food, animals and plants.
R6 per liter.

•     BugsAway can be used to replace your current multipurpose cleaner to clean
Food surfaces, kitchens, floors, toilets, windows etc.
Safe for fabric, pets, plants and children.

•     BugsAway is a disinfectant that removes germs and bacteria’s. (score 99.9%)

•     BugsAway is SABS approved and Non-Toxic formula preferred by:
        Food preparation areas, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, vets, offices, households, etc.

•     By cleaning with BugsAway you build up and strengthen the insect repelling barrier to protect cleaned area’s from:
      Flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, maggots and insects etc.
•     BugsAway is water based and can therefore be sprayed directly onto table clothes and carpets and will not collect dust like oil based products, it also leave no residue when dry.

•     BugsAway is safe to use on animals and can be sprayed directly onto dogs, cats, horses to get rid of fleas and ticks.

•     BugsAway freshens leaving a scent of citronella and other natural aromas.

•         Concentrate will determine strength for Mopping floors and cleaning surfaces, toilets and windows.
BugsAway suggested mixture:
-     Mix 40ml of concentrate to 5L of water in a bucket for general cleaning.
-     Mix 40ml of concentrate to 1L water for the power spray application.