Osnat Bukofzer has been working in the film industry for 38 years. She established an office that dealt with purchasing, distribution, marketing, branding and public relations for Israeli films and international cinema.
In recent years, she served as a member of the Israeli Film Council, where she served as Chairman of the International Marketing Committee of Israeli Cinema.
During the last decade, she specialized in managing international co-productions, as well as initiated, produced and led panels for Co-productions in international festivals.
During the Cannes Film Festivals, Osnat Bukofzer launched international panel days; the first, a panel of 13 funds managers, and film organizations from all over the world, who are responsible for advancing the status of women in the film industry. The other panel with the participant of fund managers, institutions and government representatives from 20 countries, on the promotion and development of co-productions between film industries around the world.
Osnat is the foreign relations Manager of the Rabinovich Foundation- Israel Cinema Project, the largest film fund in Israel for feature films. In the framework of her role, Osnat promotes panels, connections, and initiatives between the Fund and other fund managers, institutions and various government committee to develop the Foundation's foreign relations and to create relationships that will enable it to benefit the Israeli film industry.