Bulgaria-K JSC. was founded in 1931 by JP Coats, Scotland. For more than 70 years of existence the company has changed proprietors a couple of times but has never changed its subject of production

   We are currently exporting 90% of our production to countries in many parts in the world. We are official supplier to world known names as Dollfus Mieg et Cie, Coats, Fil Katia, Phildar, Patons, Schoeller, Schachenmayer, Ramsden, Drops Design, Webotex, GGH, Markoma, On line, etc.

   The company consists of 4 major workshops: Mechanical treatment, Dyeing and Finishing ones for yarns and Terry goods line for terry towels – in which all the operations, necessary for manufacturing of quality goods are executed on modern equipment, according to modern technologies. With the growth of the company the productivity and diversity of products increased, the factory was expanded and modernized.

The looming section is equipped with the last series looms SULZER

G6300F with maximum width 360 cm fit out with electronic jacquard apparatus STAUBLI CX 870.

The high technology looming installation gives the opportunity for numerous combinations in colors, designs and different loop height

The production disposes of all necessary machines for finishing Treatment of multicolored and unicolored articles.
The availability of shearing machine ''MARIO COSTA'' assures the production of the most fashionable plush articles. The closed
production cycle from raw yarn (Nm X/1) to ready made product is a guarantee for real high quality.
Group of designers work on creating plenty of patterns with season purpose, with rich color schemes, and of course conformable to the

last fashion trends.

We are producing the collections of many brands as Missoni, Bessana, Pretti, Gabel, Ungaro, Troussardi, etc.

  Bulgaria-K uses only the very finest natural fibres in order tosatisfy all customer quality requirements.