BurnTables manufactures CNC  Tables with OEM (original equipment manufacturer)performance and capabilities, but in reach for the OAH (ornamental artist/hobbyist).    Whether cutting repetitive parts, day after day, or working on custom, one-of-a-kind projects, our tables meet your needs.  Empowering you to control your manufacturing schedule and create parts for a true Just in Time system, or take your vision and burn it in steel.

As manufactures for another industry, we tired of missing deadlines due to broken vendor promises, we tired of making inventory decisions based on always changing lead times.  Our business needed more flexibility, more control.  We needed to design and quickly fabricate prototypes for an ever changing industry.

We needed BurnTables.

The ability to easily and inexpensively, produce repetitive parts on a large scale or as needed drove us to create BurnTables.  We saw industrial tables with industrial price tags, and found OAH models too light weight or temperamental.  Where’s a table that incorporates industrial components, but offers simplicity in operation, and ease of use?

This question drove us to create BurnTables.