Business Butler provides a web based, matching expert engine to enable users to find a fully vetted business expert to work with their business. A mobile booking app will be launched in the summer of 2020 followed shortly by ‘The Butler’ chatbot. Each of the recommended local experts have been through a rigorous vetting process, including; references, qualification checks and company searches, for complete peace of mind.

There is also a comprehensive collection of business guides that are available to view with a free Business Butler account.

From looking for help with applying for funding, advice on company pensions scheme, a new accountant that suits the business owner’s way of working, or another service from 15 key business areas; Business Butler will have the perfect match for any business.

The upcoming Business Butler chatbot will be the first business chatbot of its kind in the UK. It will be powered by artificial intelligence to deliver a robust expert matching service for small business users. It will make a recommendation based on a number of key criteria and factors including; size of business, location and number of employees.

This information will allow the bot to match the user with their perfect business expert and provide the option of booking a free appointment. In addition, the chatbot will be able to answer your questions on thousands of business topics from networking to co-working and corporation tax to grants.  

By encouraging more local trade, we can set about reducing the business carbon footprint, increase productivity, and spread wealth across people from within local communities around the UK.

Importantly, Business Butler can also reduce the frustration often faced by start-ups and SMEs, that arises from trawling through search engines and directories for a service or business that actually meets their needs and at a rate they can afford. Business Butler will make it easier to do business locally.