BusinessGlobal.com recreates the experience of any world-class conventional trade exhibition with all the benefits of being on-line.

Our platform is the first to offer both large and small companies the opportunity to exhibit at major international trade shows, promoting their products and services to millions of trade visitors, and greatly increasing their international customer base and enhancing their global presence.

BusinessGlobal.com is an extension of IMC-International Merchandising Centre, a company with 20 years experience in organising successful exhibitions, conferences, events and international trade fairs. IMC is a globally recognised leader in its field and has earned commendable respect from its very international audience and client database.

BusinessGlobal.com has counted on the expertise, support and international contacts of IMC to create this successful platform to aid professionals develop their business further.

1 Sep - 30 Nov 2009 Best of China  
30 Oct - 31 Dec 2009 Euro-China Partnership & Investment Fair  
1 Jan - 28 Feb 2010 Best of India  
1 - 28 Feb 2010 Euro-India Partnership & Investment Fair  
1 - 28 Feb 2010 International Furniture & Interiors  
1 - 31 Mar 2010 Global Travel, Tourism & Hospitality  
1 - 31 Mar 2010 International Fashion, Accessories  
1 - 30 Apr 2010 International Wellness & Health Tourism
1 - 30 Apr 2010 Best of Brazil  
1 - 31 May 2010 Euro Mediterranean Partnership & Partnership Fair  
1 - 31 May 2010 Best of Africa  
1 - 30 Jun 2010 Best of Russia  
1 - 30 Jun 2010 Eco-Products & Renewable Energy  
1 - 31 Jul 2010 Best of USA

Benefits to the Exhibitors        


Unlike a conventional, physical exhibition, an online fair is accessible 24 hours per day for the full duration of the month-long live event and information and interactivity is available for 11 subsequent months.
With no queues or waiting time, exhibitions offer easy accessibility for fair visitors, consequently increasing attendance.
With no queues or waiting time, exhibitions offer easy accessibility for fair visitors, consequently increasing attendance.
By its very nature, an online fair is equally accessible for people who may be unable to travel due to reasons related to their personal health.
Attendance for online trade exhibitions is not affected by external factors such as international travel bans imposed due to health concerns.
Exchange of Information

Visitors are able to easily and instantly search for exhibitors, have immediate access to companies’ details, and exchange business cards.
Visitors are able to download exhibitors’ service and product catalogues, view promotional videos and review video displays.
Exhibitors are able to track visitor activity for the duration of the trade show.
Live Interaction

The site allows text conversations via its instant messenger service, as well as internet telephone conversations.
Exhibitors are further able to pursue trade leads by making email appointments 24 hours per day for the entire duration of the live event.
Target Market

The very nature of the online show enables the exhibitor to target a much larger trade audience and develop a broader, global customer base.
The exhibitor is able to showcase new products and follow through on sales leads in the international marketplace.
The exhibitor is thus able to explore and approach markets previously perceived as being out-of-reach or cost-prohibitive.

BusinessGlobal.com provides exhibitors with statistics regarding visitor information. Data includes the number of visitors, their country of origin and the industry sector to which they belong.
Environmental impact

There are no carbon emissions generated by exhibitor travel.
There is no additional environmental cost generated by exhibitor accommodation.
There are no carbon emissions generated by printing of promotional materials or the creation of physical displays and exhibition areas.

The cost of participating in an international trade exhibition is much lower than the cost of any physical exhibition, international or otherwise.
Exhibitors are not burdened by travel or accommodation costs to often international destinations.
There is no cost for the creation, transportation and implementation of physical displays.
There is no cost for the removal, disposal or recycling of physical displays.