Power Purchasing works with member companies ranging in size from small local offices to $5 Billion companies. Since 1996 Power Purchasing manages more than 3000 member companies in nearly 7,000 locations across the US and 23 other countries.

Power Purchasing has been helping Schools, Universities, Government Offices, and Small to Large Corporations negotiate to achieve great discounts with more customizations when buying Uniforms, Office Supplies and Furniture, Tech Products, Branded Promotional Products, Bulk Holiday Gifts, Corporate Programs, and Diversity Supplier Program.

Through the Diversity Supplier Program, Power Purchasing’s WBE Certification allows them to meet the objectives of businesses that need Minority Subcontractors & Supplier Diversity Programs in order to win large Corporate Contracts or Government Contracts. Products offered include Discount Office Supplies, Office Furniture, Uniforms, Commercial Printing, Tech Products, Promotional Products, Bulk Holiday Gifts & Corporate Programs.