Business Leaders Management Consulting is a business consultancy firm. We help companies find the optimum solution to complex marketing tasks and, if required, we also play our part in putting these solutions into practice.

We work with enterprises to create a strategy map that helps guide them along the entrepreneurial path they’ve chosen to follow. Alternatively, if the marketing strategy and plans have already been decided, our knowledge, expertise and management know-how are at their disposal if they require support in tackling specific tasks.

Business Leaders Management Consulting is a new marketing strategy consulting company founded in 2009 in Germany. Our consultants are seasoned professionals with extensive management experience and a real passion for finding sustainable solutions to complex issues. During their careers, they have developed the ability to take a holistic approach and successfully put the solutions they identify into practice. We have a clear market focus and, for us, the goal of securing a sustainable, above-average increase in value for our client companies takes precedence above all else.