Busted Sandal Brewing Company began operations in San Antonio, Texas on August, 2013. The brewery is operated with the thought in mind that a great beer can be hand-crafted with locally sourced seasonal ingredients where possible and brewed in a very unique facility that is energy efficient and powered 100% from electricity. Our all-electric brewery positions us to transition to a green energy posture in the not so distant future. The beer itself is special in many ways: artisan recipes, quality ingredients, small batches with greater attention paid to each step of the brewing process! Our goal is to capture the respect of the advance beer pallet while also producing beer styles that get the attention of the average beer lover. Indeed, we will have a style for every beer enthusiast to enjoy. For more information about Busted Sandal Brewing Company, please visit www.BustedSandalBrewing.com or the company’s social media sites: www.Facebook.com/BustedSandalBrewing, www.Twitter.com/BustedSandal, www.Instagram.com/BustedSandalBrewing