BuyNewBuyNowAZ.com is an interactive campaign that was created to help educate and inform potential homebuyers, and real estate professionals alike, about the current state of the home buying experience in the Phoenix area.

For both consumers and real estate agents it has become almost impossible to distinguish fact from fiction…buzz from reality. With those thoughts in mind, it has become very apparent that many people do not consider new homes until they have gone through the trial and error process of distressed properties. Our research has concluded that many people face a harsh reality when they set out to purchase short sales and foreclosures.

The campaign maintains a realistic viewpoint that distressed properties are part of today’s reality and that the purchase of these homes may be right for some. However, in our collection of experiences it has become very obvious that most people want an easy, smooth and competitive purchase for themselves and their loved ones. New homes are exactly that option. It is with that mindset that BuyNewBuyNowAZ.com presents information in a realistic form that is highly social. This allows you to easily pass it on to others who may be able to benefit from the information. If you have anything that you would like to share or have questions, please feel free to contact us via our social media outlets. Subscribe to our feeds and follow us on our social media sites to stay updated! Happy house hunting!