Buyers Cloud

Buyers Cloud strengthens and extends your existing network of trusted Business Contacts in showcasing Products, Solutions and Services worldwide. Buyers Cloud is Collaboration and Networking tool that helps you discover inside connections to recommended Professionals, Suppliers, Buyers, Customers, Prospects, Partners and Industry experts. Professionals Use Buyers Cloud platform to build their own Customer-Focused and Community-Powered Solutions marketplace. Professionals use the Buyers Cloud Platform to discover a new way to manage their Profile, Answers, Groups, Products, Company Profile, Solutions and Services. Use the platform to build a Network, Share ideas, improve Business Opportunities, Share Customer Reviews, Product Ratings and Customer case studies, Perfect Supplier Index

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4737 Malayan Street ,
San Raman , CA, 94582 , USA
Aug 15 , 2010
Buyers Cloud Platform supports a Fundamental Shift In the Way Buyers, Suppliers, Partners, Prospects and Service Providers Communicate and Collaborate

What’s  New ?
1)Get the most from your networking and efficient collaboration
2)Community-Powered Ecosystem help Companies and their Partners build their Solutions EcoHub
3)Perfect Supplier index, Product Reviews, Ratings and Customer recommendations help Suppliers to showcase their Company in a better way
4)CRM Pro , Mail Box and Collaboration Pro features help Professionals to build their Business Network with Customers, Partners and Prospects
5) Latest News updates from many News Channels - News on Business and Emerging Technology

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Buyers Cloud is  a Collaboration platform where Global  Customers, Buyers, Suppliers, Partners, Prospects, Industry Leader  and Service Providers  can network worldwide . This is Marketplace   where the participants  can exchange their  Products, Solutions and Services using  this Platform .

Contact Information
Kumaran Narbhavee , Director,