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                                                              Media Release

                                   C-5 Biotechnologies unveils brand new website


Tampa, Florida-January 16 2011-designed to be simple, C-5 Biotechnologies LLC-a manufacturer of wellness products and applications - kicks off 2012 with a brand new website to meet increasing demand for its products and a growing base of health-conscious consumers.
“We have infused a natural and fresh look in line with our branding. We use only the most natural ingredients in our products. We have kept the website simple and intuitive enough for long-time customers to buy products and we are pleased to offer our products to new customers as well,” stated VP of Marketing Kamlesh Darji. “We have a mission-the P to P or pain to pleasure philosophy, which stems from our founder’s journey and ultimate commitment to a patented proprietary technology that can help people feel better about themselves. In this respect, you can also learn more about the forthcoming c5 foundation on the website.”

The site will be regularly updated to include the latest company news and developments in the world of wellness.


C-5 Biotechnologies, LLC is dedicated to the development of natural wellness products and applications using the most natural ingredients. The company’s ground-breaking patented and proprietary technology when applied to products accelerates the effectiveness of natural ingredients while helping to harness and release the body’s natural ability to perform at optimal levels*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.