As seniors, Veterans, and low income citizens, we choose to live in mobile home/manufactured homes that reside in community "parks", where the land is often owned by others. Some park owners are predatory, meaning they prey on seniors and extract as much money as possible from the residents in the park and adding few improvements, if any. Contrary to mainstream beliefs, mobile homes are not mobile. It costs upwards of $10K to move a mobile/modular home and most parks will not allow used "coaches" to be moved into them. Hence, we have no where to go and no ability to move when we get economically evicted from our homes. California Advocates for Mobile Home Owners believes we must organize to request the cities and counties we live in to support and pass Rent Stabilization Ordinances to keep predatory corporate owners out of the park business and allow up to fulfill the AFFORDABLE HOUSING requirements set by the Federal, State, and local governments. Our goal is to reach out for as much support as possible. We are YOUR Grandparents, your Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Brothers, and Sisters who need affordable places to live with respect and dignity, regardless of our ages. Please don't call our homes "Trailers" or "Trailer Parks". Those are terms out of the 1950's that don't apply to our homes.
We have a code of Civil Laws referred to as the MRL, Mobilehome Residency Laws, but the laws are very difficult to enforce. There is NO STATE AGENCY assigned to enforce these laws. We tried to get a bill passed in 2017 to assign enforcement to a current State Agency but the Governor would not sign it. As California Advocates for Mobile Home Owners, we must continue to craft laws to ensure our way of life and protect Seniors, Veterans, and low income California residents. We need all the support we can get. Thank you!