Los Angeles Trucking Accident Attorney L.C. Arter helps and educate his clients who were seriously injured in 18-Wheeler Accidents, Big-Rig Injury Accidents, Commercial Truck Injuries, trucks that jack-knife, semi-tractor trailer trucks, tanker trucks carrying hazardous materials as well as flammable materials, and wrongful death claims.

On the roads of California, trucks are an essential hazard as they transport products, liquids, clothing, groceries and supplies which are necessary for our way of life.  Unfortunately, many of these truck drivers fail to maintain their trucks and other cars and passengers on the streets and roads are the ones who are generally injured and suffer.

The reason the injuries are so severe in LA Truck Accidents is that all trucks are significantly heavier than all other vehicles on the road, and they therefore take a very long time to come to a complete-stop.  Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer Lee Arter has therefore decided to provide valuable information to those who are seriously injured in semi-tractor trailer accidents as well as the families of those who may have been killed in a California Big-Rig Accident.

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