About 4D Technologies

4D Technologies is a leading developer of performance support platforms and innovative, on-demand learning content. Our unique software systems, desktop apps, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and in-application lesson suggestions allow us to deploy content as building blocks for everything from traditional A-Z training, to flipped classrooms, to in-application performance support. Customers have the flexibility to create pre-hire assessments, individualized onboarding and upskilling learning paths, and project-based workflows, making an enterprise portal a unified talent, knowledge, and competency management solution available to users whenever, wherever, on any device.  

About CADLearning

CADLearning by 4D Technologies is an Autodesk Authorized Publisher and premier learning partner offering the most comprehensive library of Autodesk learning content in the world. When combined with 4D Technologies Platforms, CADLearning content identifies and addresses knowledge gaps. Our continuously growing library of learning material—including videos, exercise files and assessments—is deployed incrementally in alignment with Autodesk dot releases, making it easier to keep up with new releases on the Autodesk subscription model. For more information, please visit http://www.cadlearning.com.