CAG K9 is a USA K9 Detection Service Company that is privately owned and operated by the most experienced secure facility operators in the USA.   Our team has over 25 years experience each managing, operating, and consulting for all aspects of contract or self operated services in both secure and private businesses.
CAG K9 is a private K9 detection services company focused on the private detection of Narcotics and Weapons in Schools, jails & Prisons, businesses, hospitals & treatment facilities, halfway houses, concerts, warehouses, cruise ships, truck depots, or any other public and private venues.  Our company provides our customers a pro-active solution to detect narcotics in your homes, schools, businesses, or public venues to prevent problems before they happen.  This pro-active approach reduces liability of our clients while maintaining complete confidentiality since we are a private service and not law enforcement.  We keep our findings completely private for our customers to address internally.
Our K9s and handlers are nationally certified and are among the very best trained in the world.  All of our K9s are born in Europe where the very best K9s are bred for their superior temperament and genetically superior detection capabilities.  Our K9s train for years prior to going into service and are trained in DEA and ATF approved training facilities using real narcotics and weapons.  Our K9s have a perfect detection reliability, earning our K9 teams the most highly respected rating of excellence in Narcotics and Weapons Detection by the United States Police Canine Association.