The New England Chapter of CAI is the foremost information resource and advocate for condominium associations and the professionals who manage and advise them.

Nearly one out of every six Americans (an estimated 42 million people) lives in a community association which includes condominiums, homeowner associations and cooperatives. The Community Associations Institute (CAI) estimates that there are nearly a quarter of a million community associations and condominiums in the United States.  

Homeowners Turn to CAI

Created in 1973, CAI is the recognized resource for community association living and management.  This national member organization is the nation's voice for homeowners living in community associations advocating and providing for better living in common interest communities. Educating volunteer leaders and helping them to build relationships with industry professionals and suppliers, CAI provides Board members and trustees of homeowners associations, condominiums and cooperatives with professional resources, practical knowledge and tools they can use every day.  

National and Local Resources
CAI offers online resources which include answers to frequently asked questions on various issues ranging from governance to contracts; downloadable sample notices, letters and forms that can be customized to fit specific situations; board member and homeowner orientation programs and information; and much more.  In addition specialized newsletters and magazines including Common Ground and Condo Media provide information on current issues affecting community associations across the country and here in New England.  CAI’s 55 chapters also offer additional local programs and services.  The  New England Chapter of the Community Associations Institute (CAI-NE), established  more than 22 years ago and currently the third largest chapter in the country with nearly 2000 members, offers New England association leaders, homeowners and industry professionals and service providers a variety of local member benefits including educational workshops and seminars with experienced industry speakers; social and networking events bringing together community association leaders and professionals; industry resources and publications for reference; as well as a host of other information designed specifically for the unique challenges facing New England communities.  To learn more about the CAI New England Chapter and the benefits of membership, visit their website at www.caine.org or contact the chapter office at 781-237-9020 for membership information or magazine subscription.