We intend to become the leader and most creative provider of Web-based film networking applications on the market. We aim to create a user-friendly application that will be a major component to any film related study. We will do this by developing an innovative development and management team. We will also accomplish our goals by using customer feedback and input to further polish our services.
Here at CASTNREEL, we provide a service that help filmmakers focus on their vision. With our obsession for a stronger online community (and the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon), we encourage our users to utilize our services to network and connect with other filmmakers. We try to create an easy-breathing atmosphere to remind filmmakers that creating a story should be collaborative and exciting.
CASTNREEL allows filmmakers and individuals to collaborate effectively with a distance factor. CASTNREEL’s website, www.castnreel.com, allows individuals to keep in touch with past associates as well as network with future associates. With CASTNREEL, your cast and crew moves with you at all times, and you have 24-hour access to it. Users can login at www.castnreel.com by signing up to our server on the Internet.