CAT² specializes in innovative software solutions designed specifically for the food industry including real-time data collection from the plant floor, real-time reporting for production and inventory, and farm-to-fork traceability. We provide custom solutions that are efficient, increase yield and throughput, and measurably reduce costs. CAT² has also designed one of the few fully integrated Laboratory Information Management Systems available today. We have proven experience in the beef, pork, poultry, turkey, seafood, egg, and produce industries, including ready-to-cook, ready-to-eat, and storage and distribution facilities. Our clients span 6 continents and include 60% of the top 50 meat and poultry companies in North America, 3 out of the top 5 American egg producers, and 1 of Europe's leading meat processors.

The main priorities of any business are the product quality and customer satisfaction. Our Food Safety and Quality Management (HAT) tool focuses on proactively controlling processes and preventing failures, while turning plant floor data into actionable, process-improving intelligence. Our HAT module helps companies meet both their internal quality and safety standards as well as the requirements of their clients, while eliminating paperwork on the plant floor. In addition to managing quality and operational data, HAT also provides a training register and document control in compliance with BRC and SQF standards.

Our systems apply best-of-breed functionality and industry-specific expertise to ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat processes from receipt through distribution, providing complete traceability in the event of a recall. Our receiving system facilitates ingredient and dry goods control by tracking which production lots consume raw meat, spices, and packaging materials. Our systems also ensure that formulations adhere to recipe requirements as well as age, allergen, and ingredient rules. Yield reports identify opportunities for improvement in each process, creating a checklist for improvements and cost savings.

We offer real-time plant monitoring solutions; devices on the plant floor collect and store data, including machine and process efficiency, OEE, and downtime. This and information collected by operators can be monitored and displayed on scoreboards to provide real-time feedback to plant floor workers. The Executive Dashboard uses the same data source to provide management with real-time charts, graphs, gauges, and reports; these tools can be used to effectively oversee multi-plant processes from any location within an organization.

Managing new nutritional label requirements is made simple with our label manager software, which offers the flexibility to design and manage any number of label formats customized by product, customer, or batch run. Our Case Labeling solutions extend from manual to fully-automated in-motion weigh and label systems. By identifying each case with a unique serial number, the system tracks movement through the plant, from production through distribution.

CAT² fills the gap between a company's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and the plant floor by providing complex yet user friendly interfaces with ERP packages such as Ross, Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft Axapta, to close the loop of data flow.