The Christian Business Coalition of Hampton Roads is a leadership development organization with the following mission: “We encourage, equip, and develop Christian business leaders to fulfill their God-given purpose through business.”  Our overarching purpose is to Honor God through Business. We strive to set the example in the marketplace against the standard given to the first disciples, that the world would know us as His followers by how we love one another.  We show this love through our efforts to help each other to fulfill our God-given purpose.

Our normal recurring events include a monthly networking mixer to start and develop positive relationships on the fourth Tuesday of the month, a leadership luncheon, with a TED-talk style speaker over lunch on the fourth Thursday of the month with breaks in January and over the summer, and our Anniversary Event held in November to commemorate our launch.

In 2016 we added the Spring and Fall Signature Events to the calendar.  The Spring Signature Event was a local simulcast hosting of the live Leadercast conference in Atlanta as our premier leadership development event.  The Fall Signature Event is a one-day leadership conference called the PATH to Leadership or P2L . Our P.A.T.H. events are an acronym that in our efforts to promote Christian entrepreneurship, we have developed that engages purpose, channels action, leverages talent to achieve harmony to set our members on the proper path of their entrepreneurial and leadership journeys.

Additionally, we upgraded our membership offerings to a premium level that includes a marketing assistant to help our members with their digital presence in the marketplace with such features as an interactive product catalog and unique “text to” codes to increase communication channels to create a larger top to their sales funnel.  We also added to our product offerings the Chamber Classes portal on the main page that gives our members access to hundreds of useful and relevant on-line classes to add to their business knowledge and acumen.

Just as Hampton Roads was the place where the cross was planted at First Landing, claiming the new world for Christ, we feel the call to re-claim America for Christ through the marketplace starting here in Hampton Roads.  We would love for you to join us and the other members on this endeavor.  If you want to join us or become more involved, go to the website at www.cbchr.org and click the “Join” button, text “CBCHRProposal” to 72727 or call 757-563-3053 today!