Where to begin? Well, the story finds it’s origins in a collaboration between a highly experienced team in the vape industry and an equally skilled team of botanical hemp experts with a collective passion for providing a simple solution to those who search for a bioavailable CBD vape liquid.

With key knowledge of vaping habits coupled with pioneering knowledge of CBD focused hemp cultivation, we are committed to providing an innovative and necessary solution for CBD consumption to existing vaping and cannabis markets in the UK, and abroad.

Thus, the CBD Vape Shot was born! As a hemp derived crystalline Cannabidiol Isolate, it is produced using the most efficient and trialled method for pure concentrated CBD extraction.

Given that we have mastered the art of producing the purest form of CBD isolate for accurate dosing, the CBD Vape Shot is engineered for all vape enthusiasts who seek a flavourful, health conscious experience of the CBD compound at their convenience.

Our focus is solely about giving autonomy to the user through a highly concentrated dose of the best quality CBD. Our focus on quality is unparalleled, as the CBD Vape Shot is produced via the purest CO2 extraction process.

We supply our customers with product of the highest standard and monitor our own systems, as well as controls to ensure customer requirements are satisfied.

With a team comprised of the best in both the CBD and Vape business, we make providing a high-quality CBD product our priority. Our place in the modern world shy’s away from competing with current trends and products, but rather focuses on paving a road to the future, where quality CBD products speak for themselves in multiple markets.