Comprehensive Child Development, Inc. (CCD) opened in 1984 and serves over 7,700 children a day through our Early Childhood Education and Care Program (400 children) and our Nutritious Meal Program (7,300 children). CCD uses a hands-on active participatory learning approach proven to help children excel in language along with enhancing cognitive, physical, and social emotional development while promoting independence, curiosity, decision-making, cooperation, persistence, creativity, and problem solving. These skill sets are basics to developing successful students and independent adults. Providing these services has been proven to raise high school graduation rates, reduce crime, increase independency from government assistance, and give our graduate children the skill base and motivation at a young age to hold higher paying jobs in the future.

The families we serve are some of the most disadvantaged in our communities. Our program serves low-income working parents, as well as jobless, and homeless families looking to better their situation through education, vocational training, transitional housing, and employment. CCD monitors the parents we serve to ensure progress is made to help support families on their path to self-sufficiency.

Our mission is to provide affordable and transformational education and nutrition programs to advance the future of pre-school children and their working families striving for self-sufficiency.

Our vision is that all families we serve become equipped to lead successful lives and achieve economic security.

We believe that what we do every day is a reflection of who we are. We also believe our work is an investment in our children, their families and the communities we serve. Our first priority is the children we educate and care for, assuring every child and family has a safe, nurturing environment. We pride ourselves in strength of character and resourcefulness and believe in treating all people with: Honesty, Dignity, and Respect.

Program Highlights

•     We provide 400 children a day with quality Early Childhood Education and Care through our five child development centers and our network of CCD supported licensed family childcare homes.
•     We currently provide meal support for 690 licensed childcare providers throughout the Greater Los Angeles area through our Nutritious Meals Program. This program provides meals to 7,300 children a day.
•     Our Early Childhood Education and Care Program provides 80% of the USDA certified nutrition necessary for growing children.
•     As an organization we are supported by 561 hours of community and board volunteer involvement each year.