The Chris Canty Foundation works to enhance the total development of youth by working with families and neighborhood programs synergistically to provide avenues for children to develop their talents and gifts. We believe that creating an environment in which each child receives personal attention and support fosters a sense of value and self-confidence. It is our hope that by establishing high expectations for children, they will aspire to become true champions in life.

Here at the Chris Canty Foundation, we develop winners for life. We focus on working with youth in our communities by providing educational resources, health and fitness programming, service projects throughout the year, and exposing youth to positive role models to affect positive, far-reaching change. Our goals are big but simple: we strive to work with our community partners and volunteers on innovative solutions to help our youth live not only productive lives, but happy, healthy, well-rounded lives in service to their own communities, and then the world.

In order to do this, we first help remove the barriers that disempower youth at all levels; barriers like lack of mentorship, social and economic disadvantage, educational hindrances, and unwholesome nutrition. By removing barriers first, we free up mental and emotional space in order to unleash the powerful creative talents within each youth.

Secondly, for each youth leader we help develop, that youth moves forward to help one of their peers, then another and another. As they move into adulthood, they teach the same guiding principles to their kids. Soon, generations of leaders are marching toward educational, social and economic victory. After all, leadership in its highest form equates to influence, innovative ideas, and ultimately a greater society.

In turn, as our communities and volunteers support our youth, it creates a winwin environment for all. Involvement in our Youth Leadership Conference, Healthy Behaviors Conference, and Youth Leadership Winner’s Circle Mentoring Program are all ways to support our youth in body, mind and spirit. The growth of these programs provides robust life tools to turn youth into influential leaders of tomorrow. Our partnerships with educators, parents, and mentors forge a mighty path for this to happen. Education + Sports & Health + Mentoring = Successful, competent youths transitioning to adulthood.

Financial contributions, in-kind donations and active mentoring are all dominant solutions that will propel youth from mediocrity to living a winning life on all levels. We review and adjust our strategies on an ongoing basis so the most effective programs receive the funding and manpower they need to make a lasting impact.

The ultimate goal of the Chris Canty Foundation is to mold and develop well-rounded, character-driven individuals possessing the mental, physical, and emotional strength to win in the game of life as well as promote local and global change through community service.

Creating Winners for Life,

Joseph Canty