Chamber of Commerce International Consortium For
Entrepreneurs (CCICE) is an organization that helps members
build, develop, encourage, and support entrepreneurship in a cross
cultural technology centric environment. CCICE is a bridge between
network associations, industry and entrepreneurs to build
sustainable opportunities that energize growth and development
within and across international boundaries.

Building Expertise:
CCICE is a Silicon Valley business organization responsive to the needs of
Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Organizations.  It is a platform for access into
and out of Silicon Valley to develop business expertise, partnerships and
knowledge sharing in an environment that continues to be conducive to new
business opportunities.  CCICE opens an opportunity by providing:

•     CCICE dedicated events
•     Platform for partnership events
•     Seminars
•     Talent Delegation Programs into and out of Silicon Valley
•     Business Partnership
•     Investment
Developing Business Across Culture
Encouraging Growth and Opportunities
Entrepreneurs normally start locally with local focus but many evaluate cross
boarder opportunities to meet the changing environment of today’s
international influences.  

CCICE provides entrepreneurs with a place to learn more about opportunities
within the local environment in Silicon Valley and expanding beyond borders
into Asia, Europe and beyond.  CCICE brings the opportunities to the
entrepreneurs as well as offers the entrepreneurs an opportunity to explore
other environments while visiting abroad.  

CCICE supports efforts to bring success to entrepreneurs through its
members representing corporations, investors, business associations and
government agencies.  The objective is to share expertise, review opportunities and facilitate investments in these opportunities to promote growth.  Every opportunity with a great idea should have a chance to build its business, find the right resources and seek out partnerships.  CCICE is instrumental in promoting business enterprise by providing entrepreneurs the tools to make effective business decisions.  

Supporting Entrepreneurship:
The dynamics in Silicon Valley has influenced cross border Business for
several years now and the expertise lies deeply and rooted in the valley to offer an accumulation of understanding and exchange.  Partnership with other
associations, and businesses opens the door to learning more about specific
environments that best fit the interest of entrepreneurs.  There are significant
number of events that are held in the Silicon Valley almost daily that can not be
found anywhere in the world.  These events teach real time experience and
provide the immediate networking needs where it would take years to acquire
outside of the local Valley environment.  CCICE is the gateway to ensure every entrepreneur has an opportunity to gain the best expertise to succeed.
Chamber of Commerce International Consortium For Entrepreneurs