Creative Cave Publishers is founded by the  Dutch comic artist/animator Stefan de Groot. The company is based in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Stefan de Groot has been making highly interactive stories and animations and comics for multimedia. He is the creator of the cartoon character Kwab, which was the first Printing-On-Demand Comic. He also specializes in producing original children books into animated movies for television.  He has made several rich animated children book apps for the Dutch and English market. For Creative Cave Publishers he publishes his own work and works of other animators, illustrators and comic artists.

Creative Cave Publishers wants to create new ways of telling a story.
Using the latest technologies and possibilities we want to engage the audience with appealing and creative stories. That means great writing, great illustration, amazing animation and great audio. The apps and eBooks will be a mix of old stories, myths and new stories, but all adapted for the new reading experience. The name Creative Cave is inspired by the cave drawings. Cave drawings are the first drawings of mankind to tell a story. Creative Cave Publishers builds upon these foundations to tell stories in a simple and direct way.