CD247 Console Repair Centre is one of the fastest growing Console Repair businesses in the UK, and are now looking to expand into other parts of the UK.

We repair all console issues, XBOX 360 problems such as the 3 Red Lights (or Ring Of Death) amonst the most common faults, PS3 Blu Ray and Hardware faults, Wii Repairs, and hand held consoles such as the DS Lite and PSP.

We consider our Customer Service and Back Up support to be second to none in the industry, and are readily available to take your enquiries by phone or email, with full after - Repair support.

We offer a Full Warranty with every repair, and do NOT charge for looking at a console, whether the console is repairable or not. Some repair business will charge for looking at your console, so beware!

We also supply repair parts, lasers, screens dvd drives etc to the public and trade, and our Repair Kits are amongst the most sought after on - line.

Our 3 Red Lights Classic Repair Kit has now sold over 5000, offering an ecomomical, but reliable fix to the Ring Of Death problem, and also has excellent results with GPU problems, such as no picture on the screen issues, and freezing graphics problems. Our Whisper Pack kit is also a formidable seller, at £23.

Playstation 3 problems are now starting to surface.. we have been repairing Blu Ray laser lens issues for the past 18 months; common symptoms include freezing graphics, or the console just not allowing the games to load. The PS3 also has its fair share of hardware faults, caused by overheating, which causes problems for the CPU, and Graphics Chips.

The handheld consoles such as the DS Lite and PSP often get dropped, or have liquid spilt on them, again, causing screen problems, or even dame to the motherboard. CD247 can fix these problems, so give us a call on 0121 459 8772, or email us at - Check out our website at

other common problems:

XBOX 360 3 red lights

XBOX 360 ring of death

XBOX 360 E74 error

XBOX 360 DVD Drive

XBOX 360 No Picture on screen

PS3 Laser problems

PS3 yellow lights

PS3 red light problems

..and a whole host of other problems!!


We have a 3 Working Day turn around time, and can deliver your console back to you by next day delivery.

We also offer a same day service in store, so come and see us!