The company started in 1986 when Elsie Chua envisioned becoming a recognized leader in the real estate organization. As the Managing Director of Silverland Realty & Development Corporation, she started to build and sell residential houses catering to the middle income market.

In the 1990's, Elsie Chua continued to build more projects such as the Crisanta Tower in Pasig, Platinum 1000 and Platinum 2000 both in Greenhills, San Juan. During that time, she also took a bold step by introducing Millennium Plaza Hotel in Makati City, a "full service apartment hotel,"  which was operated by the Mercure Group. It is also an innovative real estate idea that challenged the more popular "condotel" concept at that time.

With the success of Elsie Chua's career in marketing real estate properties, she finally decided to form her own company in 1994 which was named the Quadrillion Marketing Corporation.

Quadrillion was anchored in the same pillars that were built by her years of expertise and amassed strengths in:
* Create effective marketing
* Bring innovative real estate concepts to the market.
* Fast turnover of project inventory through a competent sales force
* Responsible stewardship for client investments.

In the name of giving the most focused services to clients, CDC Holdings Inc. established the following core businesses to address their specific needs:
* Property Development
* Property Management
* Sales and Marketing
* Related Services
At present, the company has now become one of the recognized and respected leaders in the real estate industry, both locally and globally. Having one of the largest networks covering both domestic and global markets; CDC Holdings Inc. has now over 300 sales professionals and 144 marketing representatives in different global offices. Some of the company's developments and projects include Lions Park Residences, La Joya De Sta. Rosa, Quadrillion Mansions, Millennium Plaza and Somerset Millennium Suites.

Official Statement

It has come to our knowledge that unfounded accusations about Quadrillion Corporation has been posted in the websites. Our company has been in the real estate business for decades and over the years we were able to build a good reputation by the quality of services we have rendered our clients. It is unfortunate that some individuals, impelled by selfish motives, intend to destroy our hard-earned reputation and good will. A few of our clients may have complaints about our services, but we believe that Internet is not the proper forum for these grievances. We assure everyone that our actions are within the bounds of law, and we are constantly mindful of others rights and welfare.

Let this be a reminder and warning that we also have our rights, entitled to the same protection of the law. Our company will not hesitate to pursue the necessary legal actions, including a criminal prosecution for libel against those who tarnish or attempt to tarnish our business name and reputation.

Quadrillion Corporation is and will always be committed to the attainment of its objective - to render excellent and customer focused services.