Glendale, Arizona UNAUTHORIZED, Debi Thomas What Really Happened, May 10, 2020, Glendale, Arizona is a sensational tale of behind the scenes interviews that were conducted for two years by journalist, writer, & award-winning writer, Carol Denise Mitchell. During those phone interviews with Olympian, Debi Thomas and Debi’s fiancé Jamie Looney, Mitchell got to know the superstar and her lover well enough to uncover astounding secrets that Debi Thomas had yet to divulge to the general public.

In "Debi Thomas What Really Happened," Mitchell uncovers the truth about Debi’s big losses in the 1988 Olympics up to how her medical career ended up failing in 2014. The author is stunned to learn that Debi Thomas felt she was not meant to win the gold in the 1988 Olympics in Calgary. Moreover, Mitchell uncovers extensive research on why Debi, who openly dared to “Question Authority” seemingly at her own peril, incurred many of her losses and how. Mitchell, described as one of the best writers on character building, has given us her best characterizations of Jamie, an unemployed coal miner who is abusive to Debi Thomas. Mitchell is unwilling to hold anything back when Jamie Looney aims a gun to the retired skater's head.

Readers will be appalled at how extensively Debi Thomas suffered domestic violence; and, how she was willing to let it all out to the author. Mitchell introduces surprising information about the skating star, while she ensures that it is Debi telling her own story! This earth-shattering book will leave readers on the edge of their seats. Readers will be happy to hear Debi telling her own story throughout this fantastic writing effort.

Carol Denise Mitchell is sensitive and authentic on the topic of what happened to her friend, Olympic champion, Debra Janine Thomas. Her goal is for readers to walk away from the book feeling that it was Debi telling her own story. In a shocking scene when Debi’s fiancé, Jamie Looney puts a gun to Debi’s head, Mitchell is mindful of Debi’s potential state-of-mind in not being able to tell her own story. Mitchell wants the name, Debra Janine Thomas to be inducted into the archives of great fame. Debi Thomas should be proud of this great writing effort. The book will do the superstar, no harm!

About the Author

Carol Denise Mitchell is an award-winning writer two times over. She is the master of characterizations. She is fair to her subject matter, and skilled at presenting them as “real people.” Mitchell was raised in Los Angeles, California and is one of 16 children. The daughter of Zebbie T. Charles, Sr. and Tasceaie Charles, is a trained and skilled writer. Her books cover the gamut. Her titles are geared towards helping or being informative to her readers. Mitchell currently lives in Glendale, Arizona, where she continues to write professionally for private clients.