Since 1999, CDYNE has been a leading provider of Web service solutions encompassing a range of data enhancement, data verification, and communications tools and using XML-based technologies to ensure cross-platform compatibility. CDYNE Web Services include Phone and SMS (text) Notify!; Postal Address, Phone and Email Verification; Demographics; 411; Death Index; and IP2Geo – which pinpoints geographic location by IP address. These services help prevent fraud in real-time during the application or transaction process, append information to customer records, enable targeted marketing, and allow fast and easy contact of staff, students, customers, and others in any situation. Programmed into client systems (including POS), applications, and Web sites to enhance their operations, CDYNE Web Services process information from CDYNE’s vast databases in fractions of a second. The Company’s transaction-based billing model allows clients to save money by purchasing only what is consumed. CDYNE provides its services to numerous industries, including E-Commerce, Sales and Marketing, Insurance, Retail/Service Industry, Utilities, Government, Healthcare, and Banking/Finance. For more information, visit www.cdyne.com or call 1-800-984-3710.