CEDF-KS provides a forum for communities of practice(CoP) to gather and discuss collective best practices, processes and technologies across 6 different knowledge strategies including: eDiscovery, Information Governance, Knowledge Asset Management, Data Analytics, Privacy & Security and Big Data Strategies. The CoPs concentrate on their specific topic discussions in committees, forums and forum break-out sessions. We have over 330 Corporations participating in CEDF-KS.

Each of the 6 communities of practice share similar challenges regarding internal and external data goals and objectives. CEDF-KS faces the challenges with diverse membership types sharing applied and innovative strategies, while giving our members actionable insights and knowledge strategy suggestions regarding processes, methodologies and technologies.

CEDF-KS is the preferred place for Global 2000 Corporations, Data Experts, Service & Technology Providers, Legal Personnel, Consultants, Academic, Non-profit and Government representatives to meet and collaborate on the complexities of multiple Knowledge Strategies.

The group collaborates and shares during: face-to-face regional forums, CoP forum break-out sessions, voice-to-voice streaming video sessions and members only document repositories facilitating professional development. forum topics are selected quarterly by members via online survey method.

The environment is one of trust and confidentiality. CEDF-KS provides a venue for open and candid discussions among its members. Nothing said within the forum activities may be attributable to or be considered the official position of any specific corporation, entity or individual.

Individuals, corporations and organizations affiliated with the community interact through a communication structure designed for the synthesis of multiple knowledge strategies.This unique approach to knowledge sharing translates to specific benefits to the member’s own environment.The group’s dynamics demonstrate and propose a Knowledge Strategy Response Team (KSRT) for each member’s own organization.

CEDF-KS members share and consider a broad array of insights through activities that foster connection, innovative collaboration and building fruitful Knowledge Strategies with the goal of uncovering actionable insights regarding processes, methodologies and technology tools for community members.