CEO Life Mentoring, Inc. provides business services, business development, coaching mentoring, workshops and mastermind meetings and CEO Celebratory retreats . CEO Life Mentoring, Inc helps CEOs develop their divine gifts for optimum peak performance in Business, Career, Personal and relations. “Coaching that significantly improves personal effectiveness enhancing stellar LIFE results.”  

Dr. Carmen J. Day is CEO of CEO Life Mentoring, Inc.  A symmetric Business Intuitive who provides education, meditation, applied relaxation techniques, dialogue coaching on the four cornerstones of wealth for the NEW CEO.  We understand and service the needs of the changing market place by becoming the unbiased neutral source of both practical and spiritual applied information to your business success.  We create powerful alliances which benefits CEOs with SBA Small business Loan packaging.  We remain the experts because of our business finance expertise, our passion and alliances which keeps us up to date with all information that supports our clientale.  Our coaching techniques are geared for  Creatives’ Engaged in Optimizing opportunities , (trademarked)  we offer a safe loving place for you to share and gain understanding essential for peak performance, and production that gives you the edge you seek within the changing global economy.  

Your intuition will deepen, you would become more relaxed, more focused, and clear on the decisions that effects your bottom-line, the impact of your contributions to your communities, family, health and income statement.

CEOs are leaders which the world is beginning to look to for products and services which benefit the global transformation we now are experiencing.  It would stand to reason that the responsibility for the current CEO is greater than ever before.  The Global transformation begins with the leaders of vision and thought because a shift of attitude starts with those who are use to handling responsibilities.  Within that shift lies the need, want or desire of a spiritual intuitive in your business. As a Creative, you may feel that you stand alone, and nobody gets you…..your family, staff, community and relations seems to glare at you from the sidelines.  Your passion, energy and desire to be a beneficial change on this planet go un-noticed.  Mr. or Mrs. Creative who are Engaged in Optimizing Opportunities…it is time to maximize your truest gifts and leverage that purpose with a personal business spiritual advisor.  Invest into your business a gift of LIGHT, and take responsibility for the inner work necessary to SOAR.  ~ Seizing Opportunities at an Accelerated Rate. ~

CEO Life Mentoring, Inc works with Business Leaders because entrepreneurs understand foward thought processes and they are the leaders within their family and communities. To make the difference within the global transformation you affect many, and that influence helps the entire proccess move more effectively.

CEO Life Mentoring, Inc. offers a non-denominational or non-religion ideology because our offering  is strategic and scientific while tapping into the pure essence of authentic discovery mastered by exploration, inner work, and business development.

Carmen J. Day is PHD professional with a Doctorial in Spiritual Coaching and Counseling; extensive studies and applied  Business Administration  resulting in $2.5 million in less than 4.5 years, specializing in Banking & finance, credit and mortgage expert, SBA expert, an international consultant and traveler, diversity consultant,  Insurance with Securities, MBA in Entrepreneurism form CEOSpace 309, Sales and Marketing Trainer and Facilitator; Public Presenter, Radio Personality, Creator of Wealth4U in Spirit Talk show; Published Author, Emcee, and Professional Medical and Clinical Hypnotist.  Her vision is to create more millionaires, and her passion is to serve all Humanity, as a Global Transformational Leader.  

Our Services Include:
Personal Executive Coaching for the CEO ** Relationship Coaching for Spouse, Family**Board Advisory & Team Consultations**Staff Training for Enhanced Skill Sets** Teleconferences** Business Roundtables** (Women Empowerment Seminars)  Ladies Only!  Real Talk **Seminars and Workshops~"How to Expand or Start a Business With SBA Financing**Entrepreneurs Rise ~Crash Course for Visionaries** Meditations that Increases Intuitive Decision Making**Life Celebratory Retreats~ Ceremonies,** CEO Mastermind Circle ~Community Events
**Behavioral Style, Assessment & Debriefings** Claim to fame Keynotes**“Recession Proof Your Business” ~Have a Millionaires’ Mindset with a Billionaires’ Presence ** Motivation~Soaring through Fear~ “Seizing Opportunities AT an Accelerated Rate